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< That one is of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital


5th Grade:

  • Came in before bell every morning to help librarian set up 30 laptops on study island
  • Taught two different teachers on how to use smartboards
  • Helped teacher set up and configure newly purchased printer

6th Grade:

  • Acquired Airport Express and set up first Wi-Fi network

7th Grade:

  • Learned basics of Microsoft office suite using licenses from dads job
  • Acquired Sling box to fix problem (Not allowed TV in my room)
  • Helped teachers troubleshoot common problems in school network
  • Configured first file server at my house (80gb external drive and netbook network drive share)

8th Grade:

  • Fixed teachers PC problems consistently throughout the year and paid in bags of chips
  • First in school to bypass school web filter with chrome extension (then I shared idea)
  • Configured dynamic dns pointing at my house to allow external file server access
  • Learned how to set up ip cameras
  • Set up and managed surveillance system built on old computer webcams (Netcam Studio)

9th Grade:

  • Using Windows Home Server (on old laptop) I successfully set up an active directory server to manage clients (family) on home network.
  • Created and learned group policy to manage and mandate network restrictions and protect network from user downloaded viruses.
  • In concession with active directory, I enabled DNS to better manage and cache requests coming from client within the house.
  • Migrated from one active directory server to two
  • Created a central media server (Emby) to serve content to myself (and friends)
  • Acquired 3tb hard drive to alleviate drive storage issues
  • Setup Secured FTP access for remote access
  • Bought and set up website with godaddy
  • Set up and managed mail access [email protected]

10th Grade:

  • Migrated from old laptop based servers to two newly acquired desktops windows server 2012 r2 (license through Microsoft imagine) and enabled nic teaming to aggregate requests between two gigabit ports.
  • Set up newly acquired print, VPN, and IIS server to attend to my increased remote access needs
  • Set up and managed encrypted VPN access into my network through OpenVPN and L2TP over IPSEC
  • Extended Cat6 Ethernet access to all floors of my house and set up 2 desktop computers in my room
  • Set up and cleaned 20 camper used virus ridden laptops for a summer camp and deployed them back in to the environment with better protections.
  • Fixed a teachers laptop and cleared up viruses.

11th Grade:

  • Set up 3 enterprise ubiquiti access points all to server network at a faster rate
  • Acquired 6 wyzecams (IoT Camera) to properly replace old webcam system and to secure property
  • Disabled all protocols from outside access other than VPN to better protect my network from outside threats and mitigate risk
  • Fixed major active directory errors from previous years using dcdiag and command line utilities
  • Enabled RADIUS (with active directory connected) to have a single sign on solution for my VPN, Wi-Fi network and computers.
  • Bought a VPS for $15/m. to allow external access to resources such as a Plex media server, Secondary VPN, and a self-hosted WordPress site. VPS connected
  • Set up and managed Cloudflare for for effective ddos mitigation, firewall, and CDN.
  • Set up and managed wordpress website for school robotics team and also used Cloudflare for CDN, waf, and ddos mitigation.
  • Set up and managed mail access to with mx, spf, and dkim entries in the domain.
  • Effectively implemented a new backup system for the three servers in my house with auto backup.
  • Implemented a new series of managed netgear gigabit switches unifi my network
  • Implemented and deployed three battery backups to allow controlled shutdown when power outages do occur
  • Set up and managed TV36 content server, filmed numerous videos, edited videos (VSDC and HitFilm) and scheduled deployment with a Telvue Princeton B100
  • Coordinated with teacher to set up microphones and av system for board of education meetings.

All of my technical adventures have been supported by different parties donating equipment to me over the years. These are my top donors:

  • Thomas Asciutto
  • Judith Happe
  • Rob Massato
  • Sabrina Massato
  • T3 Trading Group

If you would like to donate technology, please contact me.

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